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Our purpose is to help businesses improve the way they sell and market to customers, and one of the best applications to help you do this is Zoho CRM.

We have many years of experience selling and implementing CRMs, most notably Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics, and although they are excellent systems and well worth close inspection, our pick of the bunch is Zoho.


Why did we select Zoho?

In many ways Zoho CRM is very similar to other CRMs on the market - and given CRMs have been around now for well over a decade (Zoho CRM will be 11 years old this year!) there won't be many features you find in one that you won't find in another.



  1. Zoho's easy to use. There's a drag and drop interface for designing forms, and setting up and modifying workflows is simple too. A CRM needs to move at the speed of your customers, so we'd much prefer if you are able to do quick tweaks to your system rather than have to pick up the phone to pay us to do something small for you - because what good would our recommendation be if that wasn't the case?

  2. Zoho has a great mobile app. Almost anything you do in Zoho will automatically be sync'd to your mobile devices (Android and Apple phones and tablets are supported), so you'll never be far away from your customer data.

  3. Zoho has a large apps marketplace - oftentimes we are able to recommend customers just purchase an add-on app, rather than building a new one from scratch. This saves them a lot of money over time!

  4. Zoho is enterprise grade - it has all the security levels you would expect when it comes to sharing and restricting access to information across your company, and also can hook up to your Active Directory system if you use this.

  5. Zoho is cost effective. The Enterprise Edition of Zoho is $35 per user per month AUD. Compare that with Microsoft Dynamics at AUD$65, and Salesforce.com at AUD$180 per user per month!

  6. Zoho have over 15 million users. They are big, global and have been trusted by many people, for many years. They've had to build their products to scale, and so we're confident you won't be picking a niche vendor who may still experience an occasional "teething issue".

  7. Zoho is a profitable company. Zoho isn't a greedy company, but they are still making money. Many tech companies currently are in a race to gain market share, however are not actually making money. At some point in time they'll either need to reduce their headcount or increase their prices, neither of which scenarios are likely to end happily.


Why choose us to implement your CRM?

We recognise you have a choice about who will help you get up and running with your new CRM. Here are four reasons why we'd like you to consider using us:

  1. We exclusively sell Zoho CRM, and we think that is a good thing for our customers. This exclusivity means you know we are 100% focused around staying up to date with their platform, and forming a tight relationship with just one CRM provider.

  2. We are a Melbourne based Zoho specialist, and alongside implementing Zoho CRM we can also build custom applications for you using Zoho Creator.

  3. As we are primarily sales and marketing focused, you can be confident the way we implement your CRM will be 100% focused around how it will help you gain deeper relationships with your customers, enabling you to receive an ROI as soon as possible.

  4. We can integrate Zoho with your other applications - for example, your Shopify online storeor using Hubspot for your inbound marketing needs.

ps: Here's some further information about how we implement Zoho CRM for our customers.