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There are only three people across Australia who have passed Zoho’s stringent developer certification program, and one of these works for Acacia Technology!

Our purpose is to help businesses gain a tighter relationship with their customers and this can be supported through automating complex business processes with Zoho Creator.

Zoho Creator allows you to quickly build apps for your business that help you do things faster, more consistently and more securely than you have in the past, enabling you to deliver great experiences to your customers.


So what exactly is Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator is a "low-coding platform that lets you build online database applications for your unique business needs".

Essentially, it's a tool that lets you build programs for your business quickly, and without needing a deep set of IT skills and an even deeper wallet.


Think of Zoho creator as Your "toolbox".

If you were going to build a house, you'd need bricks, mortar, all the internal fittings and so forth.

Just as with a house, an application is actually made up of many components.

When you build an application you need to think about how it will look (the user interface), what will happen when someone clicks submit (workflows), build reports and dashboards so you can get insights into what it is doing, manage user security, and a database to store saved data, among a few other things.

In the old days before cloud computing, if you needed someone to "write a program" for you, you'd need to pay them to build all these things for you just to give you what you wanted. And that takes time, which ultimately costs a lot of money.

Being a cloud "platform as a service", Zoho creator includes all these things (plus more), and with their simple drag and drop interface, allow you to quickly build applications that suit the needs of your business.

This means you can develop applications internally (or with our help), without sinking lots of money into the underlying tools - and simply focus on what the application needs to do.

So why do you need us?

Well, in fact you may not need us at all. To continue the "building a house analogy", if you have all the bricks, mortar and so forth, and can architect and project manage it yourself, you won't need us.

But if you would like someone to help you design your application, to make sure it works as intended, is built for the long term needs of your business and is built with security in mind, then that is where we come in.

Alternatively you might be finding it difficult to transform your business needs into an application. Or you are just short on time and internal resources, and are looking for someone to come to the rescue.

If running your business via spreadsheets is becoming a hassle, it’s time to consider using Zoho Creator.


So if you'd like us to help you move your business from operating in a sea of spreadsheets to running like a well-oiled machine using apps specifically tailored to your requirements, and are looking for aZoho Creator specialist in Melbourne, then give us a call to arrange a free consultation today, or fill out the form below.


Free 1 hour consultation

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