Hello, we have recently rebranded our company and have a new website that you can view from the button below.

You can also reach out to us at info@medito.digital with any question(s) regarding online stores (How to start? Which marketing to choose? What are the costs? etc..)


Looking forward speaking with you!

What's been happening with Acacia in February?

Acacia has been quietly building behind the scenes of late. The biggest change has been bringing in Drew Corby as a Director, specialising in business strategy, marketing and coaching.


The team found that building great websites was just the beginning of a business's journey, while having a great website/store is a great asset, how you engage with your customers is equally important.


With this in mind over the Christmas break, Drew and Oliver sat down with several whiteboards and markers to setup a new arm of the business designed to help people take their ideas to the next level, beyond a logo and a great product suite, but a profitable business that delivers on the success markers each founder is looking for. After nine days of coffee aided brainstorming and conversation Acacia Academy was born, and it is with great pride and excitement that we start to bringing it to life with this blog entry.


Acacia Academy will provide content, programs and coaching services to support all of the skills and knowledge needed to execute ideas and turn them into successful products and businesses. What sets this apart from the usual business skills seminars and mentors, is it's driven by experiential learning, designed to help you solve the problem at hand rather than prepare you a future challenge.


We have found that most of the programs on offer demand lots of time upfront to learn and eventually apply the skills learnt. While the learning processes is really rewarding, the common feedback is that the effort required to learn leaves people worn out stalling their progress, as they are often completing the work after hours and on top of an already busy schedule.


At Acacia Academy we solve this problem by spinning the effort on its head, rather than the usual approach of it 80% learning and 20% application, we help you solve the problems at hand and learn along the way. This approach accelerates the momentum required to take a product/business to market as people are progressing towards their goals and finishing the programs not just well on their way to taking the next step but energised and excited about the future.


So what’s next for Acacia Academy?

Our first series of programs are designed for anyone who wants to go from zero to one, taking an idea they have and turn it into action. They are designed to free people from the hours of reading, guessing and dead-ends that usually plague new ideas.

To say we are excited about this would be an understatement, this is mainly due to the amazing success we have had so far with our pilot programs. If you want to stay connected to all things Acacia Academy, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter below where Drew and the team will bring great content that brings action and progress rather than an interesting read.