Spastic Saigon, Vietnamese Coffee and Nomad Coworking

I have been living in Saigon Vietnam since the start of October which has so far been a bit of a crazy time.

The streets are like rivers of people inches away from each other on their scooters moving around the city, hardly anyone speaks english and it will rain out of no where within in the blink of an eye. But I haven't started writing to tell you about the weather....

This post will be an ongoing project for me to give you a short description of my experiences with the different digital nomad hot spots for pulling out the laptop and doing some work. I will keep it brief and to the point with a little rating on each.

Please note: these locations are not really targeted at the 'team co-working' scenarios rather the one person drop in and out kind of situation.

The Workshop Coffee OD's rating - 8.6/10

The work shop coffee shop

A cool, funky industrial vibe with plenty of space for the laptop. Great natural light and decent aircon. There are meeting/quiet rooms which you can book if you need and a quite good menu for snack and whole meals. The coffee is great and staff are friendly with good enough english to get by. Not too sure if it is just me but I have had a little trouble with the wifi being slow.... other than that we are goood!!!


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