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Get the right traffic to your site !


SEO WIth Acacia FOR SHOPIFY site

Acacia is a team of experienced marketers and digital business experts. With each of our projects we always stick to our business promise of delivering solutions that help you better your business, rather than promoting something that may not suit your businesses budget or situation. We only deliver a SEO program if we asses your shopify website/business as one that progress as a result.

The goal of our SEO programs: "Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website Pages". If you wish to convert qulified traffic into leads or sales, contact us and ask us about our marketing automation packages.


Why it is soo hard to rank on Google?

The value of having a strong search game is possibly the most commonly known method of gaining online traffic, traction and sales. This makes it now a very competitive landscape for most industries and market segments. Everyone wants to be page one and they generally have their own SEO program which because of this makes it harder now more than ever to achieve this page one status.


How we cut through the business?

By using the right analytics and strategies both onsite and offsite to achieve a growth curve that works against the competition. We attract the right customers rather than a lot of random customers, then measure the effectiveness via our analytics setup to enhance the work we are doing. Our process is all about taking one step at a time to target the right customers, one by one rather than trying to market to everyone about everything.

How our SEO for Shopify works?



Understand Your Business


Market & Customer Research


Discuss your Business Goals




On Site SEO Targeting

Once we have a set of keywords to focus our energy on to rank for your website, we go forth and optimise your website pages to rank for these specific keywords one by one. Once each of the pages have been reconfigured to suit your desired keywords including page headings (H1, H2, H3), page metadata, URL extensions, internal page links and external link references, the speed at which your website loads and the on page file sizes, quality and metadata, we will be able begin to focus on driving, testing and measuring traffic.


Link Target Sourcing

After doing our research into your market segment, we are able to work on getting your website linked from other popular websites which will assist with bolstering the credibility and search ability of your site. If we have a link to your website on multiple websites from around the net then it will act like a series of paths for new traffic to visit your site.


Search FRIENDLY Content Creation & Distribution

Research and highlight content and articles that connect with our targeted consumers, then our content creators develop content that fits your brand and marketing goals to drive organic search traffic. From here our team distributes the content via your social media channels and other avenues that work for getting your great new content out into the web making sure that we gain new links from each piece of content published.


The overall objectives of the marketing exercises

To achieve the top ranking listing for your targeted key work in the area of desire, generating quality leads that convert into valuable traffic and customers.

  • Decrease/eliminate the need for expensive alternate marketing efforts

  • More free organic searches

  • More autonomous lead generation

  • Heightened brand distribution and awareness

  • A reliable and continuous flow of leads and potential sales

Our Clients Love Us

I can highly recommend Acacia Digital ! They have done a great job and helped us to improve our presence over the past months.
— Kim / Hummingbird
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