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We're a Melbourne-based organisation specialising in Opencart, and have been listed by Opencart as one of their partners since 2013. With our knowledge of the Opencart shopping framework, MySQL and PHP we are your best choice for supporting your online store.

Some of the areas we specialise in for Opencart are as follows:


  • Bug fixing and small tweaks to your store
  • Ongoing monthly support plans (Download our two plans here)
  • Site migrations from one web host to another
  • Online store setup, including responsive design
  • Training and "expert support" when you need it
  • Opencart upgrades
  • Integrations with other systems
  • Modifying Opencart extensions to suit your particular requirements




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We have senior consultants who have years of experience in IT (often decades), and are based in Melbourne and regional Victoria. For big jobs we like to off-shore work to keep your costs down. Our domestic hourly rate generally ranges between $100 and $125 per hour depending on the work required.


Friendly Advice

If you're just looking for some advice on what to do then give us a call. We'll happily have a conversation about Opencart and what your options are, and don't feel you need to pay us for that. We're not greedy, and if some work comes to us as a result of our conversations then that's a bonus.


Contact Us

Please fill out this form if you'd like us to contact you with regards to any Opencart support or development requirements you have and we'll be in touch shortly.



We can build servers for you on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, which you can then run yourself.

The cloud is awesome. It allows you access to unbelievably resilient infrastructure without the headaches and costs of building it yourself. Amazon and Microsoft are the clear leaders in this space and have a massive head start globally, and are accelerating away from everyone else in the market. In essence, if you're planning to use the cloud, pick one of these two providers.

If you're keen to run and manage your own site and underlying server, and wish to build it on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure we are here to help you.

Building and running your own cloud server is an excellent option if you have any of the following needs or requirements:

  • a high-traffic web site;
  • multiple web assets with numerous domain names and technologies;
  • specific technology requirements for running software or integrations;
  • require detailed control of your firewall rules, and to know exactly what your business-critical web site is running on;
  • are looking for optimum SEO by ensuring your are not sharing your site with other companies who may negatively impact your rankings;
  • are looking for the ultimate in availability and site performance;
  • need to ensure your data is being housed in Australia for regulatory purposes; or,
  • are looking for a greater level of control over your environment than is available elsewhere.

We have a huge amount of experience building Ubuntu Linux-based servers on both of these platforms, leveraging the following feature sets:



For Amazon Web Services:

EC2, RDS databases, VPC, EBS and S3.

Microsoft Azure: 

Virtual machines, cloud services, storage blobs, and virtual networks.

We recommend you use VirtualMin, a free and open-source web server management tool to manage your environment, although we can also build a raw Apache/MySQL environment if that is your preference. 


Although each setup is different we generally can get you going from scratch on either of these platforms with VirtualMin for as little as $2,000 AUD, as we have a number of scripts built that help speed up the process.

This indicative price includes standing up your servers and fully configuring them, cutting your OpenCart or Wordpress site across, and a Visio or .PDF diagram of your environment so you can manage it yourself ongoing.

We generally recommend you do not migrate your DNS or mail functions across due to the extra layers of complexity you would otherwise inherit.

If you know you want to move to AWS or Azure, but don't know the exact configuration to start with we can help you decide this as well.

We can also offer service plans to support your environment if you'd like external help, with plans starting at $500 per month, including reporting, regular testing of your backups and ensuring your servers are patched with the latest security updates.


Daily Backups, with no need to change your web hosting provider

You may not realise that most online hosters don't offer backup plans for their customers. Hosters certainly back up their overall environments, however most often do not offer a restoration service for individual customers.

If you are running Opencart on your own virtual server (as many of our customers do), it is almost certain that you have no backups in place.


Due to the nature of Opencart it is really important you have backups in place for the following reasons:

  • if you install an extension and it corrupts your store you need a way to "back out of it". If this extension modified your database structure it's not possible to reverse the installation simply by removing your files.
  • if you have a developer supporting your store and they make an error, you want to be confident you can restore your site back to working condition without issue, and without needing to rely on them to rectify the problem
  • if your virtual server has a major outage (for example, a new Linux update breaks an Opencart feature you are using and your site effectively shuts down) you need a way to quickly re-build your store on a new server from working backups.
  • if you have a staff member who has made an error while in the administration console (for example, deletes a large number of products or modifies you site's structure and cannot remember where they did it) you need a way back.

Further to this, because Opencart enables you to sell products online, you need to ensure you are backing up sales and customer data regularly. 

Our Opencart backup solution gives you the peace of mind you require.

You can buy it upfront, or on a monthly basis.

Best of all, you can leave your site completely intact, and in 95% of cases you won't need to change web hosts to use this service. In other words, we won't force you to shift web hosts when you are completely happy with your current arrangement.

Opencart back ups



1. Upfront - leverage our IP and run it yourself

  • $500 ex GST once off, which includes installation on your server as well as testing to ensure backups are working reliably.
  • Includes support of this backup solution for 2 months after installation.
  • Additional paid support is available.
  • Requires you to supply an FTP account which will be used to save backups of your store to.
  • Requires you to supply a server which has the capability to set CRON jobs.


2. Monthly - We manage it (paid annually in advance)

  • $350 per annum ex GST
  • Includes installation & support
  • Includes a daily full backup of your store database and files
  • We will backup your site to our servers, and on-demand will email copies of your backups to you when asked.
  • Secure - no passwords are stored on your server to run the backups or when saving to remote backup locations.
  • For no additional cost we will also backup your site to an alternate FTP location that you supply, if you wish to also have direct access to your own backups.
  • Additional backups are $5 per month per action. As an example, if you wish to have 4 backups per day instead of 1, then you would purchase an extra 3 backups a day, which equals $15 extra per month.


To discuss your project with us please complete the form below., and we'll be in touch shortly.