Meet The Team


oliver from acacia


Managing Director

Background:  Serial digital entrepreneur, starting and successfully running multiple websites and other digital companies. Oliver grew up in the country and has a very down to earth personality with an extensive appreciation for life.

Known for: Product and project management, partnership creating and team leading.

Things that excite him: People who are passionate about their lives, traveling, skydiving and building successful businesses with the team to make them work.



Technical strategy and CRM Advisory

Background: With more than 15 years developing some of Australia's biggest CRM applications and consulting on technical strategy for businesses of the likes of you common first time ecommerce small businesses to businesses which have 1000s of employees, Alex has the an understanding of the customer-business-product relationship like few other. 

Known for: Looking past the obvious to develop solutions that tackle the challenges faced at a foundational level.

Things that excite him: Developing products and services that see businesses excel above and beyond the normal rate of pace, to successfully fulfil the vision of the people driving them. 

drew corby from acacia


Digital business strategy

Background: Extensive experience with working in business, both in finance and in the digital relm. Drew has been providing strategy advice for businesses which range from 1 person small businesses to multinational listed companies.

Known for: Drew is known for his ability to think holistically to solve problems at their root cause, and simplifying complex systems into simple executable modules.

Things that excite him: Music, personal growth in depth conversations about truly challenging concepts and high steaks decision making.

chloe form acacia


Public Relations & Social Media Manager

Background: Has a Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing from RMIT university. Chloe has a background in digital marketing specialising in the use of social media, along with a passion for design.

Known for: Chloe is known for her creativity, fresh ideas and love of all things social media.

Things that excite her: Good quality soy lattes, all living creatures (especially dogs), traveling the world and of course Instagram! 

taylor from acacia


UX design and Graphic Designer

Background: Computer science graduate with now more than 4 years of experience in front end development, user experience design and graphic design Taylor has build and designed projects from mobile apps to fin-tech platforms and almost everything in between.

Known for: Attention to detail and a keen eye for the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Things that excite him: Long walks on the beach..... and almost all things creative.

sam acacia


Web and Graphic Designer

Background: Industrial Design graduate, who has swapped the physical for the digital. Sam now more than 2 years building and crafting design & brand orientated projects that often find a home on the wide world of the web.

Known for: Telling 'insightful' stories through the use of design.  

Things that excite him: Getting to work with people that possess positive & progressive mindsets, believe 'open and honest' discussion is healthy and 'change is not only possible, but essential'.



Sales and Account Management

Back Ground: Recent Miami University graduate, Brian has been in Australia Interning with Acacia part time to gain experience whilst he pursuits his career at Suncorp.

Known for: His intense ambition for learning and applying his energy to everything he does.

Things that excite him: Everything! loves to learn and build upon his skills.



Project Management - North America

Back Ground: Freelance project manager with over 6 years of experience in working with ecommerce business and other CMS platforms. Based in North America Chelsey assists with our State side clients and projects.

Known for: Being meticulous with project requirements and typically Canadian with her easy going and friendly personality.

Things that excite her: Travel, living life free from the bounds of a single location and working on interesting projects.