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L'ArC Leather Bags

Who doesn't love a beautiful leather bags? Especially if it comes with style, durability, class and with a price tag that is not too pricey!

This personal belief led to the birth of L'ArC Leather Bags which is an Australian brand offering stylish, yet affordable and constantly changing classic leather bags for both men and women.

Owner and founder Adity is the daughter of a very successful businessman whose company manufactures and exports around half a million pieces of high quality leather bags per year which are retailed in United Kingdom, Europe and Australia under various popular brands.  Adity launched her own label with her own designs in Australia in 2016.

Using the highest quality, natural leather from some of the world’s oldest and best tanners in India, where the skills are passed down through the generations. Their range includes ladies' bags, men’s bags, luggage, and wallets and these collections boast of hand-crafted pieces that are stylish with understated beauty.

I got to have a chat with the lovely Adity to learn some more and hopefully inspire some others who have dreams of starting their own label...

1. What inspired L'Arc to begin?

Running businesses probably runs in my genes but I started nurturing this desire when I moved to Australia from UK in 2013.  I started noticing that the fashion trends  in general and fashion accessories are a bit behind UK and Europe in Aus.  This slowly inspired me to think there is an opportunity to promote latest trends from UK and Europe within the Australian market.  Personally I also needed a challenge for myself specially in a slow moving economy in South Australia.  L’ArC gave me the opportunity to nurture the designer and entrepreneur in me.

2. With so many online labels how do you believe you stand out from the crowd?

We at L’ArC believe that our products are made of very high quality leather and the reason we stand out from the crowd is because of the quality of the products and focusing on latest trends from the European and UK markets. We are also focusing on Men’s fashion because we have identified a clear gap in this space.  Our products are also very affordable and value for money.  We source our products directly from our supplier without any involvement of middleman which means a big percentage of the costs of the products are given back to the artisan leather craftsmen who hand make this products.

3. Where do you source your products from and what is the biggest struggle you face during this process?

Fortunately for us, our supplier is the strength of our business.  The supplier has been in the leather industry for 30 years and manufactures leather bags for high end brands in the UK and Europe.  They are also recognized with the highest accreditation in the market by the Government for their products, the way they run their business and looking after the welfare of their people.  This means, L’ARC sources top quality product and is able to sell to our customers at affordable prices.

4. What is your favorite part of running an online business instead of a physical shop?

Its flexible, keeps the overheads low and we can focus on important stuff like customers needs and products rather than the operational issues that come with running a physical shop. 



5. Who does all your design work for the label?

All done in house by myself or with the in house designer from our suppliers.  We research extensively on latest trends, requirements of the customers, comfort and then create our designs.

6. What was the best part about working with Acacia Technology?

The team is dynamic and very friendly yet professional.  They clearly know how to support other businesses in order to grow their and believe in long term relationships rather than a typical one-off transaction relationship.  They are growing fast because of the help and support they provide to their customers to help them grow and works on a positive synergy principle.

Thanks Adity for sharing with us, it was our pleasure to work with you! 


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