Gypsy Hustle

Taking over one beach at a time, Aussie clothing label Gypsy Hustle is all about sun, surf and sand! Creator Justin Coden... or Juzzy for short, started the label in the tropical paradise of Airlie Beach in 2016. Hoping to provide people with some of the dopest new threads on the market.
I had a chat with the legend to find out just how he got to create such a sick company! 

What inspired you to start Gypsy Hustle?
After years of talking with crew about starting our own clothing line, just throwing around the idea but never actually following through with anything. One day i started telling a good mate about this idea i’d had, “Gypsy Hustle”, He followed to say, you talk about starting your own label all the time, just do it and that was it, that day i started planning the future of Gypsy Hustle. I just want to make comfy clothing that looks dope, threads that my mates and i love. The idea for the name came as i love spending my time exploring beautiful places all over the world, following the sun and living the gypsy life.

In a world with so many online clothing labels how do you stand out from the crowd?
Plans are to provide crew with sick designs on quality threads and let our clothes do the talking. We have a huge focus on our social media marketing using Instagram as our favourite tool. Showing the world how amazing life is and all the beautiful places there are to explore. Providing our clients with an exciting feed has got us awesome results.

Where do you source your products from and what is the biggest struggle during this process? We source our tee’s and tanks from a company called Supply Co in Victoria, the legends there make this process simple and easy, delivering the goods to our business, meeting our quality and timing deadlines. We have began sourcing our new range our hats in China, through RKD Co, it has been great collaborating with these guys and the outcome is quality. The hardest part is the lengthy process that it takes from the beginning until completion of the job, making it hard to meet our own deadlines.

What is your favourite part of running an online business instead of a physical store?
Running an online store is sweet as you can do it from where ever you are in the world, no tie downs and life is still carefree. More time at the beach and less time at job.

From the ideas stage of Gypsy Hustle, to actually making the first sale, how long did this process take?
I actually got the originals made for my self just as trials, to take them on a european journey i was about to begin. After throwing a few pictures up on my social media with a really good response i decided to order more for all my mates and family. I Completed organising this order first thing when i arrived in London a couple weeks later. I got home six weeks later to boxes full of Gypsy Hustle threads and started selling them to my mates straight up. How ever, it has taken 4 months launch the online store and basically selling from the start. We have be getting sales most days which we never would of expected, how ever we are just taking this all one step at a time.

Who does all your design work for the label?
A mate put me onto a guy named Mat at Take Heed Design to get my idea’s for logo’s out of my head and onto a paper. Mat did a sick job, all designs coming out exactly how i had imagined and even better. Once our logo’s had been designed, i planned how i would lay our Gypsy Hustle logo’s across the tanks and tee’s. We have also started tie dying and running colourful acid wash through some of our products which has been a massive hit with our customers, even cutting and reshaping tanks once they have arrived for a custom finish.

If you were to explain your most common customer in one line, how would you do so?
Legends taking over the world, one beach at a time.

What was the best part about working with Acacia Technology?
Collaborating with the guys from Acacia Technology really helped move Gypsy Hustle forwards. Oli and Drew were fast and efficient when answering any business or web design questions i had. They helped me launch a sick website, we talked about it and the boys delivered. It was great working with Acacia Technology and i look forward to working with them again in the future yeww