Inspiring businesses: Lifestyle Laundry

When life got too busy and started flying by without actually doing anything enjoyable. A positive change was made in Luke and Sonia's life. The couple decided to create a business to help others do the same- make a positive change!
They started a lifestyle improvement business and their mission was to help busy households who’s occupants don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to fit everything in. They aim to improve people's lifestyles by creating time so they can be doing the things that inspire and motivate them... not house chores! 

They want all their local customers to create a lifestyle that their proud of and 'stop washing life away'.

- - - - -

I had a chat with Luke Hunter, creator of Lifestyle Laundry. I asked him a few questions on how they stay motivated and successful with their creative business idea. The idea is perfect for any working, adventure lovin' individual that doesn't have time to do laundry and would rather use their time riding the waves, playing with their kids or even just enjoying some tv.
Because let's be honest who really enjoys doing laundry... ? 

1. Who has inspired your journey?

We got really passionate about time and started analysing how we were spending our time, for how long and on what activities. This was a huge eye opener and a pivotal turning point in our lives and the direction we are now heading. Since then we have had numerous influencers who we have studied in regards to creative business and productivity. 

Eben Pagan
Roger Hamilton
Tim Ferris
George Bakrnchev

Just to name a few.

2. Personally what has been the one key challenge you have had to over come?

Mindset. Simple as that. Once you get your head right the rest follows. Still hard times thats for sure but we just take the time to re-adjust our mindsets. 

3.  Your business has quite a niche market (specific locations/people without washing services at home) what method you you find most effective for attracting new customers?

We have been specific so we can offer a service which we feel will have the biggest impact on the time people will save on a regular basis doing this particular activity/chore.
Our most effective way so far of reaching people has been through social media channels and word of mouth. We will continue to experiment with new ways of reaching new customers as we grow. 

4. What keeps you motivated?

Our lives have had such a positive change since we started do something we loved that motivated and inspired us on a regular basis. We make sure we do this no matter how busy we are. We just schedule it in and do it.  It’s not hard to do and worth every penny of outsourcing certain activities so we can do this. We want to share this and help as many people as we can do the same.

5. Whats been the biggest 'wow' moment of success so far for Lifestyle Laundry?

We had an initial marketing campaign to register interest. We offered a free wash to the first 50 people. Every single one of those who claimed their free wash has become a repeat paying customer before we even launched. We are already having a positive influence on peoples lives and that is awesome!

- - - - -

If you live in Buderim, Caloundra, Coolum or Noosa save yourself a few hours of agony and get your laundry done so you can enjoy the day ! !