Inspiring Business: Undie Dog

Fetching men Australia-wide underwear. A subscription so they never have to go undie shopping again...

Undie Dog underwear is premium quality, Australian made mens underwear delivered to you every 3 months on a subscription basis with the ability to cancel at any time. 

The brand was started by husband & wife team Jon & Hanna Pickersgill from Brisbane. With the help of talented local designers and clothing manufacturers, they've managed to turn what could have been just another shower idea into a thriving garage brand. 

The Undie Dog story blossomed from the idea that lots of men are hopeless when it comes to replacing worn out underwear. That's where the idea for an underwear subscription came from, to help men across Australia put some quality back into their underwear drawer. 

- - - - - 

I got the chance to ask Undie Dog mastermind Jon a few questions on his unique business idea and here are the responses...

1.     Personally what has been the one key challenge you have had to over come with starting Undie Dog?

When I had the idea for a subscription underwear business I was working full time in the advertising industry, and with a new bub at home there wasn't much spare time to dedicate to 'side projects'. All I managed to do was come up with a name and buy the domain. 
The very next month my partner was diagnosed with breast cancer, which turned our lives upside down. It wasn't until Hanna had taken enough steps down her long road to recovery that I began to put in a few hours a week to getting this off the ground. 

2.     How do you stay motivated?

I'm motivated by a desire to understand the human condition - I want to know what makes people click that 'buy now' button, and what I can do to influence their behaviour. I think E-commerce is such an interesting insight into consumer behaviour, where everything is trackable and customisable. We're constantly working on ways to improve our online presence, and changing things ever so slightly to optimise conversions on the site. 

3.     What is your fave part of being able to have an online business?

Learning. I've learned more about website development, social media marketing, online advertising and running a business in the past year than I have over an entire career. It's been an often steep, often frustrating, sometimes boring and sometimes exhilarating learning curve that I've ridden as hard as I could. 

4.     Whats been the biggest moment of success so far?

For me the biggest moment of success is the simple fact I've turned what could have just been a 'shower idea' into a real business. I've had so many of those ideas wash down the drain with the soap bubbles, so to see it live and breathe gives me butterflies. 

5. What makes your undies the best?

Apart from the fact that guys can get a subscription so they'll never have to shop again, Undie Dog undies are made right here in Australia. That means you get a manufacturing quality you just can't find in an overseas sweatshop. Plus the elastic band is really cool - it's the dog from our logo :)

Never have to worry about buying undies again thanks to Undie Dog!