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Inspiring Businesses: StoneClap

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I got the chance to talk to Iulian the founder of one fresh new idea. If your a music lover and/or party animal this idea makes you really appreciate living in the age of technology! 
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Stoneclap is a 2-way quality audio and video connection to musicians and DJs all over the world. It started in 2013 with a housewarming party in Melbourne. The need for music and entertainment for the party was a concern as Iulian wanted more than a playlist, something to get people on the dance floor. "If only we could teleport my European Dj friend to the party somehow". Many geek hours later, Stoneclap was born. Now you can host an international event in your living room with the best musicians worldwide. Plus it's carbon neutral too- Time to partayyy!!


1.     Who inspired your journey?

The entrepreneurship journey … I guess came from the lack of jobs in the market that actually try to make a difference. Stoneclap idea came when we realised that we don’t have a DJ for one of our housewarming parties. The idea evolved in time to what it is today, where our vision is to connect the world (different cultures) through personal, intimate live performances.

2.     Personally what has been the one key challenge you have had to over come?

Focus. This has always been the issue, and it still is. Focus means less going out, less catching up with friends, which is quite painful when you are used to do something/go out 4-5 nights a week at least. Switching from that to working 6-7 days a week, 15h/day or so … that’s hard!

3.     If you were to have your time again what would be a mistake you have made which could of been easily avoided?

One of the biggest mistakes we’ve done was to have a too broad MVP. We did actually try to keep it slim, but we learned that our idea of slim was a serious misjudgment (I think that it’s actually really hard to correctly judge that if you haven’t done that mistake on your own first). Over time we kept narrowing the focus, removing features from our MVP until we got to a very lean version. Looking back, what we’ve done in 1 year, we could have done in 6 months if we would have had the right focus.

Momentum over money. Another lesson is that we’ve underestimated momentum and overestimated importance of money. Basically, if you have budget for say 4-6 months, keeping the momentum and working hard on the product is way more important than ensuring extra budget.

Focus all team on one task/milestone at a time. We initially have split the team so some focus on development, some on preparing the marketing campaign. As a result, development went quite slow. We’ve switched to everyone working on developing the platform and things started working much better. Now we are all focusing on marketing/partnerships and are making great progress as well.

4.     How do you stay motivated?

Setting clear values that resonate with us and following them helped reminding us why it’s worth taking all the pain. 

Setting small enough milestones and meeting them also helps. Using an issue tracking software helped a lot as well making visible the progress we’re making (in early days, it’s hard to see the progress as you always get ‘distracted’ by new problems you didn’t even know you had, while you learn more about the problem/industry).

5.     What is your fave part of being able to have an online business?

Introducing a new concept to the world, creating a new market, producing a change we’d like to see in the world, they all are exciting and something you hardly get to do in a ‘settled’ company.

6.     Whats been the biggest moment of success so far for Stone Clap?

The launch party was a great success (click here for an article about it). At the moment we’re seeing growing interest from event organisers (e.g. we’ll be partnering with Yelp and a few other companies on some events). So keep your eyes pealed!


MAKE SURE OT CHECK OUT Stoneclap Facebook page to get the entertainment sorted for your next party that will have people raving for weeks after...