Inspiring Businesses: Nourissh

I got the beautiful pleasure of E-meeting Founder and CEO of online company nourissh. I found out about her entrepreneurship journey and what has got her to the successful company she runs. A wonderful inspiring story of how unfortunate situations can lead to wonderful ideas.
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Amanda Campbell is a Accredited Sports Kinesiologist. She founded 'Bend Like Bamboo' which is her private  practice where her team help others rebuild their lives from illness and stress. By the age of 36, Amanda Campbell had experienced more than most people do in a lifetime. In 2004 at just 24, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and in 2009 suffered a major attack that left her paralysed. At the time she was given a 50% chance of ever walking again.

Unprepared to accept this as her fate, within six weeks, she stunned her doctors by not only walking, but running. She discovered the role food played in her recovery from a paralysis cause by an MS attack in 2009. Taking a balanced life approach, Amanda shares her story and speaks at events in the hope to educate and inspire others that they too can make a transform their lives no matter what it is they are going through. She discusses the core elements that gave her body the right environment to repair, reorganise and recover from her paralysis. 

Nourissh is a concept in premium, fresh and healthy, ready-made whole-food meals. Amanda launched Nourissh in 2015 with a simple goal - to help people feel better by eating better!

We are a team on a mission to improve the eating habits of thousands of Australians by making it easier to buy and eat ethically sourced, local & organic wholefoods.

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I got to ask this inspiring role model a few questions to help anyone gain some need motivation in order to realise anyone can achieve their goals when they are passionate and motivated!


1.     Personally what has been the one key challenge you have had to over come with starting Nourissh?

When VinoMofo invested in Nourissh it was still very much in concept phase. 
Seeing clients at my private practice Bend Like Bamboo, time poor professionals, singles and couples, new mums and dad’s. People living with a disability…
It became clear that we needed a simpler way to make eating nutrient dense whole foods, sourced ethically from local or organic farms, more convenient to eat.
Because I believe that when you eat better you feel better - physically and emotionally.
It is when you feel better that you can then make better choices for yourself, start to value yourself. This leads to better decisions, promotes repair and a happier life. 
The hardest part to overcome at the very start was to get into the food game without prior catering experience.
What I learned was that you must work with people that are really great at the things that are not your expertise.
You cannot do and be everything. This was absolutely the key challenge when you are in your first year of a start up.
So with my enormous ‘why’ of the company, my partner’s business knowledge and startup experience we had a great start.
Our investors Justin and Andre of VinoMofo have been incredible mentors as well.
The internal team had to align with the values of what were trying to achieve.
Delicious dishes using only these ingredients, always preservative and gluten free and our Paleo menu is also grain and dairy free.
We wish to cater to all beliefs with vegetarian and vegan menu’s now coming through.

2.     How do you stay motivated, what gets you up in the morning?

I love what I do. Nourissh is not only about providing readymade meals to Australians in their homes, workplaces and soon at schools too!
There is a message I am trying to share.
I believe that we can transform our lives starting with one meal at a time.
Nutrition was the core foundation for creating a massive transformation in not only my body but also my mind.
After research and study and achieving better health, I learned that it came down to 3 core principles.
When you eat better and then feel better, you are more likely to value yourself and make better choices.
When you live your life out of survival mode, you achieve a higher understanding of life, seeing obstacles as opportunities.
It is from this new perspective that I truly believe transformation is absolutely possible, no matter what it is you are going through.
Nutrition and understanding the connection the mind has over the body changed not only my life but the course of my disease Multiple Sclerosis.
This alone keeps me fairly motivated.

3.     What is your fave part of being able to have an online business?

It is a larger platform to reach people.
I love seeing clients one on one at the clinic, but Nourissh enables me to share my message and provide great nutrition to people all over Melbourne and soon Australia wide.
Nourissh is as much a logistics business as it is food.
Our amazing tech team help us to scale the business online. The technology that is available is incredible that we can deliver 1500 meals a week now all controlled by our dash in the system.


4.     Whats been the biggest moment of success so far for Nourissh?

When we had our first birthday in May this year we celebrated with nearly 40 staff and were delivering 1300 meals a week already.
That day I was so proud to speak to my team of the kitchen crew, chefs, drivers, and the HQ office team. It has taken many different skills and passionate people to get this idea into execution and I am so grateful to be surrounded by these wonderful humans that believed in me.