Acacia Technology

We decided that in order for you guys to fully understand Acacia we would feature ourselves as the first Lifestyle business so here’s a few words between Director Oliver and Marketing Manager Chloe…

Chloe: Who is Behind the Business?

Oliver: You are behind the business Chloe! We have a pretty cool team which is building behind closed doors of Acacia at the moment, but the business was originally started through a coming together of myself and Alex. Over the past 12 months it has been reborn twice with new direction and new partners coming on board. Now we have a Permanent team of 5, 2 part time team members and a network of around 6 contractors who we use daily.


Chloe: Why they started the business?

Olivier busy working hard thats why he didn't particiapte in the interview :) 

Olivier busy working hard thats why he didn't particiapte in the interview :) 

Oliver: We started Acacia and continue to be super excited about it because we know the pain people can go through when trying to start a business, something online or do anything in the digital world, we also love the idea of having the flexibility to work on projects we are passionate about and interesting challenges whilst being able to do most of it from our laptops anywhere in the world. Also playing in the digital world and building businesses with other passionate business owners is bloody fun!


Chloe: What products/services do they sell?

Oliver: We started simply building websites, now with the growing team and demand for our quality of service we have expanded into business strategy and coaching, social media management, web asset managment, sales funnels development, design and creative and development of websites and custom apps and add ons.


Chloe: How do they sell their services?

Oliver: The way we sell our services is through a range of different channels including some strong partner referral programs we have set up, our networks, a range of other online strategies and of cause word of mouth is a big one. With every client inquiry we always try and implement one key message of we do not provide a service unless it is inline with their business goals or it is going to assist with building their asset, our work should have purpose.

We generally take an inquiry -> have a discovery session -> produce a brief and a initial quote -> send an invoice and commence the work.


Chloe: Why are they unique and what makes it unfair for people to compete with us?

Selfie time with the crew in Vietnam !

Selfie time with the crew in Vietnam !

Oliver: The key difference about Acacia as opposed to other agencies is that we are not going to just build you a website, we are going to help you build a better business. Our team is what makes this all happen and that combined with our international knowledge and ability to leverage different countries and economies to provide an Australian above standard quality of service at below market rate prices does make it a challenge to compare with us.

We’d rather work with other businesses similar to ours rather than compete any how…… you should know that Chloe!

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Client review

”Acacia Technology were a pleasure to work with. They showed a solid understanding of the brief and once we got the ball rolling worked quickly and efficiently to deliver a smart and practical website both we (and our customers!) are very pleased with. There was always someone on hand to get back to us swiftly - excellent results for a good price. Highly recommended.” -Birgit Kadak

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