Inspiring Businesses: Just Move Physio

Located at 536 Kulkyne Street in Renmark West, South Australia Renmark born Physiotherapist Elyse Steed, opened the clinic in late July 2016. 

The vision of Just Move Physio is to enhance or create movements that get you doing what you want. This involves the complex but simple ethos "Just Move".

They are all about providing a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment. They focus on longer consultations so that they have time to listen to your story. They are also strongly client focused meaning the clinic works towards the movements you need in YOUR life! They believe...



I spoke to the lovely Elyse and asked her a few questions on the journey she took starting a business...

1. What inspired you to start your own business and why do you do what you do?

Gaining experience and confidence while working in both the private and public sectors in London. Getting such positive responses from colleagues and patients who had no idea who I was really helped me trust my treatment methods and clinic presence, enough to start my own clinic. 
I am a physio because I love empowering people to improve their health and wellbeing, the initial injury or pain is just the beginning. In a time where there is so much confusing health information out there I think it’s important to have health professionals dedicated to giving understandable info and advice that is up to date. Physiotherapists have so much to offer across a wide range of health issues, making it rewarding across a large variety of clients. 

2. What has been the hardest part of starting and running your own business?
Building my website with absolutely no prior understanding of website design and not knowing much beyond computer basics. I basically Googled everything and taught myself from step 1. I was also fortunate to have a few friends who do know a lot about building websites offer suggestions. 
I am so grateful to Oli who looked at my first attempt and told me I could do better…. I was shattered at first because that had taken so long, but once I got stuck into a new one which I now love, I was so pleased not many people saw my first attempt. 

3. How long did it take to set up the ground work before returning home?

Once I had made the decision to open my own clinic I started doing my research into what needed to be done and when back in February (5 months before coming home). Thats when I trialled all the practise management systems and started getting the business things going. It was a good use of the cold/dark English winter while we weren’t travelling. Because so much is done online now it was all really accessible, making it possible to start my business in Renmark West from London.  

4. What has been your biggest moment of success? 'WOW' moment!
I remember when I went to write the Facebook post about my opening day which was only 2 weeks after returning from our trip I got quite emotional. Up until then it had been all systems go, not just by me but Jack and our families; and I hadn’t really stopped to reflect on what was going on until then.
On that opening day I just couldn’t believe that I had set up my own physio clinic and was starting a new era of my career. 

5. If you could go back and change one thing along the way for starting your business what would it be to make things smoother?
In hindsight I wish I delayed the opening a week or two until I was a bit more ready with a few systems. I hadn’t expected to be busy for months so thought I would have plenty of time, but I’m still chasing my tail now getting start up things organised because the clinic has been busier than expected. 

If you're in the area check out JUST MOVE PHYSIO and you will be well looked after!