Inspiring Businesses: Briese Botanicals

Did you know the largest organ in your body is your skin. It has a surface area of about 2 square metres. It’s our outer barrier protecting us from the damaging environmental toxins of the outside world we live in. So why would you put synthetics and chemicals on such a vital part of your body?

Introducing Briese Botanicals. they are a proudly Australian company that’s harvesting the ancient gifts of the land to remedy modern skincare challenges. I spoke to Kelly Briese the owner of the company about the journey she took starting her own botanical skincare range. 

1.     Who/what inspired your journey?

The Briese Botanicals range was inspired by my time working in the Australian Bush. During that time, I had the pleasure of meeting, and listening to the stories of, traditional owners in various areas. I heard about how native plants were used for food sources and powerful medicine. It really made me question why we are not using Australian native plants in our modern society, when they are packed with the highest concentration of antioxidants in the world… I am a proud Aussie and I am happy to be introducing our unique assets to the world!


2.     Personally what has been the one key challenge you've over come trying to start a business?

I think that all start-up enterprises experience a constant stream of challenges to overcome, and our ability to accept that and find our way around those challenges determine whether the business is successful or not. Personally for me, one of the biggest challenges when building this brand from the ground up was seeking solid business advice from experienced people. There are a lot of people that come forward offering various services that may be of more benefit to them than it is to you or your business. Joining an incubator program through the Spark Bureau in Maroochydore, Queensland really accelerated my game. Having access to experienced entrepreneurs as mentors and being in a shared space with other start-up founders has inspired me, kept me on track, helped my business grow and kept me accountable.


3.     If you were to have your time again what would be a mistake you have made which could of been easily avoided?

The biggest mistake I have made on this journey was not listening to my gut instincts! I worked with some people and spent some money on things that were not productive or good for my business and ended up coming full circle back to the original plan that I started out with. I could have saved myself a few headaches if I had of trusted myself a little more. In any case, I learned my lesson. I have a strong vision and that is the driving force behind everything now.


4.     Did you find it difficult coming into the beauty industry when there are so many competitors already out there? 

Yes, it has definitely been a challenge coming into a saturated market and one that I had absolutely no experience in. My background is in environment, not beauty, and so learning the ropes of this industry has all been done the hard way!  Our products are so unique and there is literally nothing else like this in the professional strength skincare arena, achieving the results that we do.  Our brand has really shaken things up in this industry and so I have faith in that our brand will continue to grow both here in Australia and internationally.


5.     Whats been the biggest 'wow' moment of success so far for Briese Botanicals?

Seeing our products show up in magazines has definitely been surreal. The real “wow” moment for me, however, occurs on a daily basis when I am able to work on something I believe in and have a strong passion for. That makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

- - - - -

Beautiful natural products for all skin types, with a wonderful back story. We love supporting Aussie businesses like this!