Building a search engine profile part 1: Getting started.

Building your search engine profile (SEP) can be a challenging and expensive task for a business, it also isn't always a one size fits all process for each business. Different businesses operate in different market segments and each of these present different challenges along the way.

For example growing an SEP for Handmade Leather Wallets in Melbourne Australia, is going to be a lot harder than growing the profile for a business like Acacia who service clients from all around the world with a range of different products and service offerings.


Although at this stage in our business (Acacia) we have not relied at all on our search ranking to generate business, it is something that we are now starting to look at with a lot more focus and energy. We do work with other ecommerce businesses (our clients) to increase their SEO and build a long lasting SEP, so it is time now we took some of our own medicine.

Acacia Digital Client Base

In the following blog series myself (Oliver) & (Olivier) will be show casing how we are working on our SEP part time. We will record the amount of effort we are putting in and explain why we do each task and what we expect to fruit from each of them.

If you are following along this blog series please feel free to share a comment and let us know if this has been helpful for you at all.


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