If I can make a website, you can!

A guide for anyone and everyone who has dreams of making a website with the legendary and highly recommended Squarespace.

Those of you website making virgins (like myself 2 months ago) let me start by saying I know how you feel. Making a website seemed like a task to be left to tech savvy web designers who have university degrees and a whole world of tech language in which sounds very foreign to the average person.

I’m just a girl who refuses to get on board the Apple watch due to the fact I can’t even manage to wear a normal watch and on top of that I only figured out how to take a screenshot on my laptop a week ago- I’m definitely not a tech savvy superstar. Microsoft Word and Powerpoint is about as far as my computer skills reach.

When the daunting task of making a website came upon me, I’m not going to lie I had a bit of an internal panic attack (I was at work so had to at least try look professional externally). I was told to use a website called www.squarespace.com as apparently it was an ‘easy’ (according to a professional web designer) way to create an online site.

I was interested to get started as I can never say no to a good challenge or learning experience. You have to start by creating an account and finding a website domain, both of which Sqaurespace make pretty straight forward. As soon as I got set up with an account I was good to start creating and entered the wonderful world of websites.


I want to keep this an honest blog post as I really do want to show you everyday people that anyone can make a website. Getting the hang of the Sqaurespace ways took me a while… A good few hours if I’m keeping this real.
So mental note to you all; if you’re planning on getting on the website making bandwagon make sure to give yourself plenty of time to play around in order to perfect your skills.


Once I had my site I explored and added lots of pages. I made many content and info pages, blogs, event calendars, galleries, homepages, forms and so much more! I found the website quite easily understandable and functional (especially for a beginner). There was a menu down the side with the settings and design formats which can be changed at any time so if you don’t like your page layout you can change it (there are heaps of trendy designs to choose from).


Trying to figure out that you have to manually go and insert blocks each time you add something to a page whether it be images, maps, text, button was my first struggle. My biggest fear was that there is no undo button (which is sometimes/always a bit of a worry as I’m a sucker for a quick control+z).


Trying to navigate the image and text blocks on the page initially drove me insane. I would try and move something and i’d ruin the layout of the entire page! Then remembering I couldn’t undo my unfortunate yet rooky mistake I spent hours (let’s be honest- probably more like 20 minutes) continually fixing and re-fixing the layout. After this I finally asked for help from a avid Squarespace user and to my surprise was given some excellent tips, these included... Use the grey lines that pop up when you try and move things, that line represents where the block is going to be placed so move the item around until the grey line is in the position where you want the box to land. Things got a lot easier after I learnt this!

Here are some of the wonderful blocks you can add to any page in order to create content for your webpage.

Once I’d gotten the hang of that I was on fire and loving every minute of it. Linking pages to each other and even adding external links is super easy as it comes up in the options when you add a new block. You can add links to words, images, buttons anything really. This is also how you link one page to the next making a beautifully flowing website. Soon enough that is what I had myself; a beautifully flowing website that was also very aesthetic and easy on the eye… If I do say so myself I was quite chuffed with my efforts and felt like a pro after 3 hours.


Some of the coolest features (in my opinion at least) you can use on Sqaurespace include being able to have an events page where it keeps an up-to-date calendar of any events occurring. You can also add maps onto your pages that connect to Google maps which I think is pretty cool and very practical. You can add any music and videos simply with one youtube link which is great and last but not least this is my favourite as i’m the social media queen, but you can add as many social media icons as you desire! From Twitter, to Flickr to even Soundcloud it’s all there for you to use!


The Squarespace platform is great for beginners or even any pro. If I can make a worthy website I have every faith any of you out there can too. Give Sqaurespace a go… you won’t be disappointed and you’ll be a pro web designer in the matter of day! Whether you’re creating a portfolio, blog, website, event page or any other type of website you desire Sqaurespace has got your back.

Best of luck to the future website designers out there- I look forward to seeing your work! :)