Web Design Trends

Websites are all about right information in an easily accessible format or readability. Users want to be able to find the facts and find them quick! If your website is filled with pop-ups, fluro colours, running animations, boring fonts and too many words it is most likely people will not stay on your site for long!


Some trends that have developed over the year include…

1. Flat design

2. Mobile accessibility

3. Typography

4. Animation

Flat Design: keep it flat not fat

Flat Design is a trend we see continuously getting applied to web designs. It’s bold and easy to read fonts mean for a simplistic yet functional viewing experience. A minimalistic approach provides for a forward-thinking design approach in which is highly popular these day in web design.


Mobile accessibility: for a the Smartphone Age

In the era of smartphones people are using mobile devices and tablets for their internet browsing more often than they use laptops and desktops displays. With the new world of Apple Watch and developing technology of virtual goggles there is a rising demand for higher quality interface layouts for alternative screen sizes. Ensuring a fluid and functioning experience on any device is essential for any website if it aims to be successfully used.

Typography: something for the eyes

Designers are turning their focus to fonts. Whether it is for easier readability or for a unique way to show a company's logo. Typography is one of the biggest playmakers in successful design. As designers find ways to find creative ways to spell out content beyond normal styles. We will continue to see bolder typography as it creates a unique experience for viewers and gives websites more ‘personality’.

Animations: keep it small and subtle

Using animation throughout websites has become a popular aspect in web design. Designers are now incorporating small animations that require no user input. Loading animations are a great way to stop viewers from feeling bored whilst waiting for content to load. Multiple kinds of user effects are being used to control animation like scrolling effects, galleries/slideshows, hover effects, and pop-up notifications. On a larger scale videos are becoming popular as full page backgrounds. This is tricky because it can take away from the readability depending on the type of website. Overall adding a few small animations to your site may increase user satisfaction and add a bit of fun to your site!


Like fashion trends are always changing when it comes to web design. If you make the effort to keep up to date your site will have plenty of viewers! Keep posted on AcaicaTech's blog for all your web design trends and news.