How to change the layout of your products on Shopify?


Improve Your Online Store : Trick n°1


Your online store is your own personal online boutique. It's hosting specific products that suits a specific needs for specific persons, your customers... For this reason, it's important to make their journey on your website as easy as possible.  Think about it as if it was a brick and Mortar shop, you would always try to have a clean and nice boutique where each product is properly displayed. Online shopping shouldn't be any different for your visitors which is why we think that having a well organised store is a key thing.   One of those tricks today is to work on reorganising your collection page layout so it actually makes it convenient for your visitors and customers (based on what you're selling).


How do we do it?

#1 Define the functions you want

First, you will need to understand what products you are offering and the way your customers want to shop in your store. To give you some ideas, ask yourself those questions :

- Would it help the customer to have a quick overview of the product? 

- How often do my returning customers buy my products?

- What is the average amount that my customers are paying at the checkout and for how many products?

These questions should help you defining and measuring wether you should offer more possibilities to your website visitors. Some of those options could be : 

- Adding a product quick-view button letting your visitor have an quick insight on your product without leaving the website page

- Being able to select option directly when on the collection page so people don't especially need to go on each product pages.

- Have the opportunity to add the product of their choice to their cart, directly from the collection page. This is especially a good practice if you have a lot of returning customers ! 


#2 Integrate them in a nice design

Second, once you know what options you wish to offer to your customers, the next stage will be to integrate them in a nice design. The tricky part here is to have a mobile and desktop adapted  display. Lucky you if you're born with natural designing skills, otherwise just reach us down below, we'll be pleased to do the work for you !


#3 Make the changes

Now that you know the functions that you want to offer as well as the layout that will best fit it, the last step will be to start working on making those changes. Unfortunately, there is currently no specific Shopify app allowing you to easily manage how you can display your products. For you to realise what it takes to actually change the front page of your website, take to opportunity to see here on what we would usually work to get your changes done and make you a beautiful website!


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Wish to have a free health check of your online store front-end and discuss to possible improvements with us ?   


SEE OUr Business case

Together, Acacia and Trista's Kitchen have been working on improving that side of their online business making it easier for the customers to navigate and place their orders. 

What is Trista's Kitchen:  

Trista's Kitchen is an Australian based leading business that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle & reach your goals with their nutrition packs & calorie controlled menu. Using lean meats & fresh produce, fresh herbs, they prepare your meals the traditional way. Those meals are also delivered fresh, weekly to your door. 



The issue they were facing:  

While having great products to offer, they realised that the way it was displayed on their was not the easiest one for people willing to place their orders, especially on a weekly basis. You can see the previous layout of their website which was not the easiest to navigate and  




How we've solved the issue:  

Having already made their researchers, Trista's Kitchen came to us with a design idea that they wished to apply to their own website. Having first assessed their idea, we confirmed that everything was doable with the website being built on Shopify and we have agreed with Trista on the outcome that we would produce for her business. 



Because they have a great layout and presentation of their products, Trista's Kitchen is one of the great online platform to order and get healthy food preparations delivered ! 

Also want to improve your online business with us? 

Simply enquire with me today so we can discuss the possible changes, and don't worry, advice are always free with us !