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Custom Development  (POA) 

When you have a system that needs to be engineered to serve a particular purpose or solve a unique problem which is otherwise not catered for with a generic ecommerce website, we offer a full custom project which work in two parts.


  1. Detailed 20 - 35 page scoping document.

  2. Set timelines and in depth project brief.

  3. Full time team allocated to project.

  4. Payment plans available.

  5. Business coaching and strategy planning.



Explained below are the elements the Custom Development.

The custom development process is different to the fixed price project in the way that we develop a full custom scoping document (The development blueprint) which is to be followed when the project goes ahead. When the document is completed we are able to give you a detailed development proposal and quote, once this is accepted then we can build you custom system.

Price and payments: The price of the package starts at $3000 + GST ($3300 inc.), payments are to be made via two invoices 50% up front and 50% on completion of the project.

Please note; we are real humans and we do know how hard it can be starting a business, so please do not feel uncomfortable asking for flexibility. 

Detailed 20 - 35 page scoping document: This is considered our blueprint for developing your future project, when this document is completed you will be able to take this to any good developer and they will be able to engineer your system. Although it is tailored towards the way we work and best understood by our in house developers.

Set timelines and in depth project brief: When the scoping document is completed we are able to give you a fixed price quote for the work to be completed in the scoping document, with timelines and all external requirements. Once this is fulfilled and the down payment is made we are able to get working on your new project.

Full time team allocated to project: Depending on how big the project is we usually allocate a full time staff to manage and keep your project on track throughout the process, this means you will be speaking with one person and they want be putting down your project until it is finished.

Payment plans available: As developing a custom solution usually takes a lot longer than the fixed price packages and will be a more capital intensive process we do offer payment plans for those who need assistance with keeping on top of payments. Please simply speak up if you do need this assistance.