What is Acacia Digitals e-commerce University




“We are an agency formed by a small group of digital entrepreneurs, with a goal to help business owners & start up lifestyle business entrepreneurs build great online businesses.”


Acacia has been operating since 2015 and are now servicing clients ranging from; the first time business owner all the way up to publicly listed companies, selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products each month. Now Acacia services businesses in Australia, The USA, The UK, The middle east, South Africa and parts of Europe. The beautiful thing about Acacia today is that we have team members in four different time zones and a very streamlined way of working, so we can effectively serve customers 24 hours a day throughout the working week.




Some times it can be hard to cut your teeth into the digital world, especially if you are trying to start a business at the same time for the first time. What we aim to do with the e-commerce University is build a encyclopedia of e-commerce insightful videos and step by step instructionals. The University starts with content to serve those who have limited to absolutely no idea about how to operate an ecommerce website & business. As most schools it will transition all the way through the different stages on to how to create scalable e-commerce marketing funnels with in depth analytics reporting on the health of a particular e-commerce environment or business.




Who are we “Oliver & Olivier” ? Good question, we are both two millennial internet based entrepreneurs with experience building different internet based companies. We have both worked in high growth startup environments and know from experience what it takes to develop a business from the ground up. We understand what first time business owners are going through and the amount of new learnings that can be overwhelming at times.



Note two key factors driving this:

  1. After working with all the different businesses over the past couple years we see people in many different stages of their business life, one of those stages which is becoming more and more common is the case of the first time business owner. They are generally working full time in a job that they actually do not truly align with and are looking to break free and start their own passion project or lifestyle business. These new businesses owners have the spare time to work on a project but some times don't have the money or confidence to jump right in and get started them selves.
  2. As a way to showcase and train some of our existing clients, we have created a range of different youtube videos in the form of instructional screen recordings. The feedback from watching the "How to process" for using their new websites is always really positive.

The University will serve both of these functions, going through the course will provide a confidence level to effectively operate an ecommerce website and understand the broader environment to a point where you/they could start an online business off the back of. 

The two factors with the additional movement of more and more people around the world looking to get into the online game we have decided we would make it easier for those who are looking to start their ‘side hustle’, ‘cutting their teeth’ into the e-commerce/digital world with a readily available, complete encyclopedia.


Any feedback is more than welcome positive or negative, we are hoping to refine and improve our content over time based on your experience. Please enter a comment below.




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