Shopify Pricing Plans and What is Right For You

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Background information on what is involved in building a website and what assets you need:

It is not the core to this topic so I have just used the top three google searches for "How to Build A Website" instead of writing the process out my self at this stage:

Note this: Shopify has all the tricky for first timers completed (Webhosting, SSL, Payment gateways, and simple domain administration)

Pricing plans

Depending on the customers you are serving, the orientation of business you are operating and the way you want to sell your products, your demand for features and function will vary. Because of this, Shopify has been a good bloke and offers several different subscription options that have different fees (Monthly or Yearly), transaction fees, and standard features.

Basic Shopify, Shopify & Advanced Shopify

These three options are pretty much the same, with some little additions in each package. You can do things to a Basic Shopify to get it up to speed with a Shopify and Advanced Shopify site spec… but for the most part and in my experience I haven’t tended to go for the more expensive two options strictly because the Basic package includes pretty much all you need. When you get to a point where you want to do some serious custom work and have the budget for it then I wouldn't step out side of these three options, when you are ready the next step is to look at the new Shopify Plus.

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The newish Shopify Plus I am continuing to be more and more impressed with… As a development house we have generally used Shopify for the people who are just starting out, but now with Shopify plus merchants can start with the basic shopify set ups and then mature into quite custom applications using Shopify plus, it’s perfect for those selling internationally and at scale.

Plus Tesla sells their merchandise on Shopify Plus so it must be good..... (LOL)

Acacia Digitals Ecommerce University

What Shopify package suits me?

Use this as a guide:

Shopify - Basic/Shopify & Shopify Advanced = Single country earlier stage businesses - $1m revenue per year.

Shopify enterprise/plus = Interesting applications, selling internationally with requirements that do not fit into the bounds of Basic Shopify.

If you’d like to know more on how to judge which category you fit into, shoot me a note and I can help you find out.



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