Different Ways to Sell Using Shopify

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This way, that way anyway you want..... With Shopify you can sell products in different ways through a range of different sales channels. Although you are not restricted to one platform it all simply comes down to who your customer is and how they want to be sold to.

Knowing both who your customer is and knowing what market you are going to be playing in will determine what channel is best for you. We are developing some really cool programs over at Acacia Academy to help refine the answers to the questions you may come up with throughout the different stages of your business.


The Different Channels

Note: the reason I am explaining the different channels is to make you aware that the ecommerce environment in not just as basic as it once was, restricted to the old .com website.

Selling in person with Shopify POS

This point of sale system allows you to process sales in a retail store and at mobile locations, such as fairs, pop-ups, and markets, using the Shopify POS app.

Acacia Digitals Ecommerce University

From experience this is one the most simple turn key systems to start an in "the flesh business" with the foresight of having an online presence. Your stock and inventory can be managed through the Shopify system and synced across both platforms seamlessly.

Shopify has all the hardware you need for a reasonable price.

Selling with Shopify's online store

This is what Shopify is know for the elegant easy to use ecommerce websites.

Upload your products, choose a payment gateway add some design and a brand message and you are up and away selling to the world online.


Today’s shopify sites work on pretty much all smart devices and are kept up to date, which is peice of mind.


Shopify’s other little online channels you can use

Although you will still be using the Shopify admin console you can utilize the three social channels to enable fluidity and ease of purchase to your market segment, again you really have to have a defined customer to make this a worthwhile exercise.

  1. Shopify Buy Buttons
  2. Facebook
  3. Pinterest
  4. Twitter

Shopify working with 3rd party marketplaces.

I wan’t dive to deeply into it (It is a whole category in its self), but in certain parts of the world Shopify integrates seamlessly with some of the big market places such as Amazon, Rakuten and Ebay through their API something truly powerful especially when getting started.





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