An Introduction to Shopify

Think of shopify as your online storefront.

It is a website and sales environment which doesn’t require sweeping of the floors and doesn’t require staff to serve your customers each time they wish to buy, plus your store is open 24/7.

Just like your local store has a check out and a method for payment....

ecommerce check out

Shopify has an online cart and a range of different payment options.....


Just like your local store has shelving and storage to showcase the products in store....


Shopify has collections and product pages where people can view the merchant's products in stock....



Your relationship between shopify as a merchant.

Consider Shopify as your landlord, and consider Shopify as a premium serviced retail space.

You pay a subscription to use Shopify and in return they give you a storefront to sell your products, all the needed facilities to make it work and also 24/7 support if a hypothetical storm comes through and breaks a couple windows.

Shopify support options acacia digital

If you choose to shut down your store don’t worry there are no lock in contracts and you can simply turn your store off and walk away.


Summary: Shopify makes it easy for merchants to get started and selling products online in a functional sense, as a merchant your role is to essentially look after everything else that comes after leasing a shop front.


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