Hello, we have recently rebranded our company and have a new website that you can view from the button below.

You can also reach out to us at info@medito.digital with any question(s) regarding online stores (How to start? Which marketing to choose? What are the costs? etc..)


Looking forward speaking with you!


How we do it ?

We do this by first understanding your business, where you are currently, where your vision lies, then we build you a strategy to get there and partner with you to implement all the digital and online aspects of that well thought out road map.

Our core values

To engage with other passionate people in the things that we love to do:  There is no substitute for passion.

We do not believe in failure, rather each experience is a true practical learning:  Grow from consequence good or bad.

Laser focus and saturated effort or don’t bother:  Focus and effort.



Our brand elements

Why Acacia Digital?

We knew by starting Acacia that the most valuable thing that we were bringing to the market was our connections and ability to bring the right resources and people together to execute on the hardest problems put forward to us.


The Acacia Tree is predominantly native to Australia, as we are. The Acacia Tree is a symbol for us, as all the branches and grains that fruit off the Acacia Tree are a representation of the connections and community that we have created in business.


The trunk of the Acacia Tree is a representation of our internal team and our assets, we bring the solid foundations for your project with strategic planning and a strong technical platform to work from.


Expanding out from the trunk, we are connected with you to make sure your project flourishes with  the best suited assistance possible, still having a great deal of influence on how you are growing.



Customer perspective

What perspective do we aim for you to have when you have done business with us?

If you've done business with us, we want you leaving us feeling like you have made a progressive step forward.  We aim to give you enough confidence to take the next progressive steps toward your goals and be confident enough to share your story with your friends and family.

When someone asks you if you know or have heard of Acacia Digital aim for you to answer with something like this:

“Yeah, they are that young Melbourne team, the digital wizards who help you get your idea into reality.”



Why do people do business with us.

People work with us because we speak in everyday Australian language and are able to converse that into very in depth technical strategy. 


New businesses work with us because rather than looking off the cliff wondering “how am I am going to fly” they can talk to us who have made the leap time and time again to educate and give them the techniques and confidence on how to do so.


Businesses who are at a point in their life cycles where they are looking to grow efficiently and scalably, work with us because we have the ability to bring the latest tools and techniques to their projects to make the difficult easy. They also find it refreshing having an outside view on their project with honest critical feedback.